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Keeping Us Safe Dale Carter
Transition Aging Parents
Providing insight and information to adult children of aging parents so they may "thrive and find joy" in every stage of life!
I began writing my blog to share my experiences and lessons learned as I helped my mother through her health crisis. I helped her through a recovery period, helped her find interim home services, and also helped her select and move to a retirement community. I started from knowing nothing about eldercare, stages of aging or the range of options. I educated myself quickly. While I wanted my mother to have “quality of life”, I was very careful to listen to what she wanted. This was a huge learning experience for me… a major life changing experience. My perspective about aging has changed … for the better! I knew I had to share what I learned with others.

It is indeed a challenging time in our lives, but it can also be one of great joy, renewed bonds and reflection of lives well-lived!
ITNGreaterCincinnati is a non-profit transportation alternative for seniors and visually impaired adults living in the greater Cincinnati area. Rides are available to members 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, for any ride purpose. The cost of rides is billed to a Personal Transportation Account, ensuring the safety of the drivers and riders as no money ever changes hands in the vehicle. All rides are provided in private automobiles with approximately 70% of the rides given by trained and insured Volunteer drivers.

ITNGreaterCincinnati opening the door to those in need and changing lives one ride at a time.
ITN Greater Cincinnati
Dignified Transportation for Seniors
Keeping Us Safe ITN Greater Cincinnati
Nancy Schuster, Executive Director
Welcome to VitalLifeSenior.com, the number one online retail store dedicated to senior’s health and wellness needs all in one location. Vital Life Senior is the place where you will find a huge selection of medical supplies, mobility devices, fitness equipment, and of course vitamins & supplements to keep you healthy and vibrant during you’re senior years. Vital Life Senior is your trusted course for the best senior care products on the market today!
Helping Seniors Live a More Vital Life
James L. Constanzer, R.N., Owner
Vital Life Senior has a huge selection of specialty care items. We carry the things you need for diabetes care, wound care, respiratory care, urological care, and incontinence care. VitaLifeSenior.com is committed to helping seniors maintain their mobility with exclusive products that you need to get in and out of your home easily including mobility chairs, scooters, and even ramps to easily maneuver your chair, rollator, or walker in and out of your home.
Aging with Grace offers solutions to caregivers throughout the United States & Canada who experience the stress of eldercare issues.
After a recent telephone to Aging with Grace, Suzanne M. explaines that "I felt encouraged by the end of our call because a whole new set of resources and options were presented that may allow us to meet the same objective of high-quality care within our means."
Aging with Grace is able to assess your current caregiver situation, and offer the healing touch of compassion, understanding and expertise needed to make informed decisions. In addition,they provide you with the knowledge, tools and resources to address your specific needs.
Keeping Us Safe Aging with Grace
Dale Carter, Owner
Aging with Grace
Patricia Grace, Owner
Your Solution to Eldercare Stress
Resources marked with Keeping Us Safe's "Mr. Happy Key" logo (right) indicate that that one or more individuals from that particular organization have been trained in the "Beyond Driving with Dignity" Professional Certification program.
Mr. Happy Key
Local Agencies are working together to ensure that the transportation needs of Allen County, Ohio residents are being met. This transportation coordination effort falls under the umbrella of the FACTS coalition (the Future of Accessible-Coordinated Transportation Services) and is a partnership of transportation stakeholders who recognize that in order to meet the transportation need in Allen county everyone needs to work together.

The coalition meets quarterly and its membership includes representatives from: Lima-Allen County RTA, the Regional Planning Commission, Allen County Council on Aging, Allen County Board of DD, Clymer Medical Transport, Lima Allen County Paramedics, Delphos Senior Citizens, Goodwill Easter Seals, Coleman Behavioral Health and others.
Leadership for the coalition is provided by Area Agency on Aging 3 Mobility Manager, Erica Petrie, who says “It is so imperative that we work together to use our finite resources efficiently so that we can help the maximum number of people. By working together everyone can benefit, most importantly, the people we are trying to serve”.
Erica Petrie, Mobility Manager
area agency on aging
Ohio's Area Agency on Aging - 3
Working Together for You!
Offering "new help" to older drivers and their families!
877-907-8841 (toll-free)
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Gray Matters Alliance
Experience the Aging Journey
WAIT. WHAT? I'M GOING TO BE OLD ONE DAY? That's right, we all are, but that's not a bad thing, the alternative doesn't sound like much fun does it?

Think about this for a second, every elderly person out there was once your age and one day you'll be their age. It's all relative, there's always someone who thinks of you as young (think of your parents) and someone who thinks of you as old (think of your kids).
LEARN. CONNECT. VALUE, this is Gray Matters Alliance’s mission. We want to correct the misconceptions and stereotypes associated with aging and seniors. By joining together we can encourage patience, tolerance and empathy. Our sensitivty workshops are not only unique and thought provoking but allow the participants to experience the aging journey first hand through simulated activities while having the same limitations that most seniors experience. For more information about Gray Matters Alliance and our exciting programs, click on their logo (above left).
Lily Home Care
Affordable Care You Can Trust
Lily Home Care is a family owned and operated business that provides you and your loved ones with one on one, non medical care services and is dedicated to helping you live independently in your own home and community. Here at Lily Home Care, we care about you. Our unique blend of home care services allows us to offer the very highest quality home care, at prices you can afford. For more information about Lily Home Care, click on their logo (left).
Pro31 Safe Senior Driver, LLC is a Colorado small business formed to work alongside seniors and their families with the potentially difficult issue of driving. Leslie Roy, PT and Jill Couch, MS, OT are the only certified "Beyond Driving With Dignity" professionals in the intermountain west region.
Pro31 Safe Senior Driver
Proudly Serving Northern Colorado
Owner - Jill Couch, MS, OT
Owner - Leslie Roy, PT
Episcopal Retirement Homes
Providing Person-Centered Care
In addition to those communities, ERH also offers affordable retirement living options that cater to older adults with limited financial resources. And with high satisfaction scores for two of our nursing communities in the latest state Resident Satisfaction Survey, you can be assured you will be cared for well whether you have a short or long-term stay in our skilled nursing communities.
We also provide services to the communities around us including elder care management services, meals on wheels and parish healthy ministry programs.
People describe our premier Cincinnati senior living communities as a combination of a luxury resort, summer camp, and college. Add an experienced management team, a professional and compassionate staff, an incredible board of directors, and the best medical care available when you need it, and you will start to get an idea of why we have been a successful, financially sound organization for over 60 years.
Sunshine State of Mind is a free website customized for the needs of local, like-minded South Florida Baby Boomers. This comprehensive resource guide is a one stop shop for all things local, helping Boomers spend less time researching what to do, and more time getting out and enjoying life.

Sunshine State of Mind brings only the information that is relevant to this group all in one easy to use place, including entertainment, recreation, best bargains, health & wellness, financial services, transportation and grandparent resources. Highlighted within the site is a monthly calendar of events, and a free monthly electronic newsletter is distributed to a captive audience of subscribers. Find, go and do today at www.sunshinestateofmind.com (or simply click on their logo above left).

Sunshine State of Mind
Lori Axler, Owner
Your Online Guide Customized Exclusively for South Florida Baby Boomers
At A Stress-Less Transition, LLC, our goal is to alleviate much of the anxiety that naturally comes with the move of an elderly loved one, thus creating a stress-less transition. Working together, we will develop a personalized transition plan, enabling the older adult and family members to make necessary decisions timely. During our FREE consultation, we will work with you to understand the scope of the new living arrangement, determine the services preferred and discuss what will be needed to make it a stress-less transition.

A Stress-Less Transition, LLC can also make daily activities a little easier and safer for the older adult who might have reduced mobility, diminished range of motion, loss of strength and dexterity challenges. Visit their website today by clicking on the "A Sress-Less Transition" logo above.

A Stress-Less Transition
Leann Moore, Owner and Senior Move Manager
A Senior Move Management Company Serving the Tampa Bay Area
She sang you to sleep, taught you how to tie your shoes, made chicken soup when you were sick and cheered you on at the game. You knew she was there for you, no matter what. Now you want to be there for her. Whether you’re caring for your mom, your dad or both parents, we’re here to help. There’s no place like home, and Home Instead Senior Care® was created to help seniors remain safely in the comfort of home and to provide support to the family and friends who love them. We’re here to address your concerns and provide the non-medical services you need, whether it’s companionship while you’re at work, help with groceries and errands, a helping hand with household chores or a simple reminder to take medications. With the help of our compassionate CAREGivers, you can stop worrying and enjoy your time with your loved one.
Home Instead Senior Care
JP and Marlow Hoyer, Owners
Serving South Bend, Elkhart and Plymouth, Indiana
To us, it’s personal. If you’re looking for extraordinary in-home senior care and companionship, you’ve come to the right place.
Centipede Cares
For Individuals, Cregivers and Families
From a passionate idea to a national solution, the CENTIPEDE Care Solutions team is transforming the way healthcare is delivered so that more Americans can remain independent in their own homes. Our team believes that a fresh voice and real solutions are needed to help you obtain the help you want. This is about choice, your choice.
Nancy C. Everitt, PMP, Owner
Ilona Feinstein, Owner
All About Aging
Providing solutions for families
All About Aging can help. Our team has both personal and professional experience with the issues you are facing and our business is designed to utilize that experience to help make your life easier. Whether you are dealing with physical, cognitive, or social changes, we can listen, observe and assess your family situation and then give you advice and ease the process of finding solutions for aging parents or loved ones. We practice an all-encompassing approach to Geriatric Care Management; whatever your needs are, we will meet them.

Our Professional Geriatric Care Managers will develop a personalized care plan that caters to your own individual situation, needs, and concerns. Our main role is to provide a stress-free care management system that allows you to relax and enjoy the time you have with your loved ones. Let us do the worrying while you have fun!
Barbara Herrington, Owner
Law Enforcement
Courts and
Law Enforcement
Family Driving Agreement
Become a Certified Beyond Driving with Dignity Professional
Table of Contents: "The Workbook for the Families of Older Drivers"
Invitation to Help
Informational Office Postcard (for receptionists and office managers)
Free Downloads
Vicki Spraul, Owner