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Executive Vision Committee

When our business plan was first developed in 2008, its authors had the foresight to anticipate future growth and the realization that someday it may become appropriate to develop an advisory board of sorts. In 2013, we created our five - member “Executive Vision Committee”. 
The purpose of the Committee is to provide valuable insight and direction in helping Keeping Us Safe develop and execute prudent and sound business decisions. The Committee will provide ongoing guidance and support to help us achieve our mission of developing programs and practices that will help us deliver a very high level of professional service to older drivers and their families throughout the United States and Canada, and beyond. 

Serving on our Executive Vision Committee are a Yale Law School graduate from Arizona with decades of professional successes in both the public and private sectors, an MBA from Ohio with expertise in developing and administering non-profit organizations, an individual from Philadelphia diagnosed with younger-onset of Alzheimer's disease who has become a nationally-recognized advocate for those afflicted with the disease, an elder care coordinator from a Michigan law firm who works directly with older adults and their families supplemented by decades of experience in the field of nursing, and a business professional from Pennsylvania who serves as an advocate for families as they find themselves faced with the very emotional and delicate issue of a loved one's driving safety.

Executive Vision Committee

Jo Rinehart (Fairfield, Pennsylvania)


Jo Rinehart has much to be thankful for in her career. She has worked with mature and senior individuals for over 25 years who need and want to work, but do not have updated training or skills to be competitive for jobs in their communities. Jo has witnessed the growth and transformation of hundreds of mature and senior individuals over the years as they discover their capabilities, overcome their fears and become gainfully employed. 

Jo is currently the Director, Intensive Services and Complaints Resolution at her workplace.  She is certified in grants management and job development, and has conducted train the trainer sessions with staff pertaining to recruiting in rural areas and job clubs for seniors. 

Jo's co-workers call her the “smoother of ruffled feathers”, as she can bring calm and resolution to tough issues. A servant leader by nature, Jo is personally and professionally committed to the philosophy that we are all here to serve one another with our gifts, expertise, and compassion.

The Keeping Us Safe website is dedicated to the memory and honor of Jo's parents, William and Betty Fresch. Jo currently resides in Fairfield, Pennsylvania with her husband, Don, an artist; her grown son, Paul, is a musician and lives in Philadelphia.

Jo Rinehart-Executive Vision Committee

Michael Ellenbogen (Jamison, Pennsylvania)

Michael Ellenbogen was diagnosed with Young-Onset Alzheimer's Disease at the age of 49. Prior to his diagnosis, he was a network operations manager for a Fortune 500 financial institution. Difficulty with work-related tasks eventually led to his early retirement.

As a world-renowned International Dementia Advocate & Connecter, he has been featured in nationally syndicated TV, radio and other media outlets. He has written for blogs, newspapers, journals and websites and shared his personal perspective as a guest speaker.

Michael currently served on the Pennsylvania Alzheimer's Disease Planning Committee and other advisory councils. He is a regular speaker at the Advisory Council on Alzheimer's Research, Care and Services and has been featured in the Alzheimer's Disease International's 2012 World Alzheimer's Report. Represented the U.S./World for people living with dementia at the World Health Organization.

He is interested in motivating those with Alzheimer’s to raise their voices and reduce the stigma surrounding the disease. He believes that his diagnosis with Alzheimer’s disease is not the end for him because he has so much more to give to the world. Michael wrote about his journey with the disease in his latest book entitled “From the Corner Office to Alzheimer's.”  Michael currently resides in Jamison, Pennsylvania, with his wife, Shari and daughter Jamie.


Michael Ellenbogen-Executive Vision Committee

Ina J. Golden, RN (Holly, Michigan)


Ina J. Golden, BSN, RN, CEN, EMT-P, TCF, is a registered nurse with thirty-plus years of experience. She has worked in many areas of healthcare including the Emergency Department. Ina is a Nurse Educator; she taught Emergency Department Technicians and Paramedics and she was a volunteer EMT in her hometown. Ina was the Injury Prevention Coordinator for a Regional Medical Center’s Trauma Department and she has cared for many victims of automobile crashes that were predictable and preventable. 

Presently Ina works for an Elder Law firm that specializes in holistic care for seniors; she is an Eldercare Coordinator where she assists seniors and their families. Prior to beginning her nursing career, she served in the United States Navy as a Hospital Corpsman.

Ina currently resides in Holly, Michigan, with her husband, James.

Ina Golden-Executive Vision Committee

Nancy Schuster, MBA (Cincinnati, Ohio)


Keeping Us Safe is happy to have Nancy Schuster as Director of Strategic Alliances. 

Nancy brings a strong business background along with a personal passion for older driver safety and the mission of Keeping Us Safe to this role. Following a successful career in the for-profit arena, Nancy began her journey in the not-for-profit sector in 2010, starting up the local affiliate of a National non-profit organization dedicated to senior transportation. 

Nancy participated in the inaugural Certified Beyond Driving with Dignity Professional certification program becoming one of the first Certified Beyond Driving with Dignity Professionals in the state of Ohio. She has a Masters in Business Administration and a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from Montclair State University in New Jersey.

Nancy was the recipient of the 2013 Keeping Us Safe Outstanding Achievement Award that honors the lives of Bill and Betty Fresch.

Nancy is committed to fostering independence for older adults as they transition out of the driver’s seat into the passenger’s seat and brings this passion to Keeping Us Safe as Director of Strategic Alliances. 

Nancy currently resides in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Nancy Schuster-Executive Vision Committee

Attorney Yan Ross (Prescott, Arizona)


Yan Ross describes himself as a “recovering attorney.” He is admitted to practice in several jurisdictions, including the U. S. Supreme Court, and has held the “AV” (highest) attorney rating by Martindale-Hubbell since 1982. Yan serves as Director of Special Projects for the Institute of Consumer Financial Education, the nationally acclaimed non-profit educational institution. He is currently developing the course for the Certified InterGenerational Family Advisor (CIGFA), addressing issues facing adult children with aging parents. 

In the legal field, Yan has created, published, and presented continuing legal education (CLE) materials on dozens of specialized legal issues, and has taught at the undergraduate and post-graduate levels on such subjects as financial institutions, mergers and acquisitions, consumer law, confidentiality and privacy, issues facing adult children with aging parents, and identity theft. Yan's credited CLE webinars focus on the ethical aspects of specialized areas of the law.

Prior to Yan’s law practice of over 30 years, he held several positions in the United States government. These posts included service as an officer in the United States Air Force, as General Counsel to the Republican Members of the Banking Committee of the United States House of Representatives, and as Alternate Executive Director of the Inter American Development Bank, a Presidential appointment with confirmation by the United States Senate. 

Yan currently resides in Prescott, Arizona, with his wife, Randi.

Yan Ross-Executive Vision Committee