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Providing practical, real-life solutions to older drivers and their families

Our Purpose:

At Keeping Us Safe we have dedicated ourselves to three primary functions, providing:

     -  timely relief to families in need as they face the challenging issue of a loved one's diminishing             driving skills as a result of the natural aging process

     -  assistance and supports to older drivers as they face the emotional issue of a driving                              retirement

     -  educational programs for professionals as they find themselves confronted with this issue in                a professional setting

As you can see, all of our programs are geared toward the older driver. We do not have younger driver programs or alcohol/safety-belt related programs; everything we do is geared toward the older driver, their families and professionals that find themselves in the mix of this emotional and complex issue.

We have developed an innovative program and a proactive mindset that works not only to help an older driver with diminishing skills make a smooth transition from the driver's seat to the passenger seat, but to also help ensure that the individual is able to maintain as much of their personal independence as possible, and just as importantly, to help them maintain or even advance their dignity. Our programs have been designed to save lives!

About Our Product:


Our product is "Beyond Driving with Dignity; The workbook for older drivers and their families". Timely and appropriate use of this workbook and of all available resources will help keep families from making many of the common mistakes encountered by others as you move toward a possible driving retirement for your loved one. 

Working through this instrument will help your family make driving-related decisions that are not only in the best interest of the older driver, but simultaneously find themselves in the best interest of highway safety in general. The workbook was designed to be used by your family in the confidence and comfort of your own home, most likely seated right at your family’s kitchen table. 

The workbook is available through the Keeping Us Safe or through any one of our Certified "Beyond Driving with Dignity" Professionals. It has also been used by non-profit agencies as a unique fundraising opportunity.

About Our Services:


The Self Assessment Program for Older Drivers:

This individualized program has been designed to serve as a valuable tool in helping older drivers (and their families) make appropriate decisions regarding the future of one's safe driving career. 

If the individual is a safe driver, we provide him or her with strategies on how to remain a safe driver as they progress through the aging process. If driving retirement is the appropriate decision, then we provide the individual (and their family) with acceptable alternatives, resources and a very specific plan to ensure a smooth and successful transition from the driver's seat to the passenger seat.

These self-assessments are facilitated by one of our Certified "Beyond Driving with Dignity" Professionals.


Our Two Presentations for the Public:

A Safe Drive Through the Aging Process: Developed specifically for senior drivers, this 1-hour presentation for your group or organization can best be described as a practical, entertaining and realistic approach to the issue of "Senior Drivers Vs. the Aging Process".

The presentation is designed to increase awareness concerning the onset of diminishing driving skills related to the aging process. The presentation takes a direct yet compassionate approach to the very sensitive subject of recognizing that someday it may be time to relinquish some of that treasured driving independence.

The ultimate goal is not to take away driving opportunities of older drivers, but rather to offer suggestions on how to recognize and compensate for diminishing skills so that our seniors may remain on the roadways as safe drivers.

Adults with Aging Parent Drivers: This presentation was designed for family members, caregivers and loved ones of senior drivers. This 1-hour presentation was developed to help members of the baby-boomer generation when they become concerned about a loved one's ability to drive safely as a result of the natural aging process.

In this presentation, we provide a roadmap to help families address the issue with tact, compassion, and empathy so that the older driver's dignity and independence is never unnecessarily jeopardized.


Our Continuing Education (CEU) Programs for Professionals:

Bringing a Peaceful Resolve to Complex & Sensitive Senior Driving Issues: This program will provide you with the ability to identify areas of concern involving older drivers, and will assist in the development of attainable lifestyle changes for the older driver that will help keep him or her safe.You will be presented with early intervention tools that will assist you in identifying signs of decline in the senior driver as well as methods to intercede or to provide direction to concerned family members, all with minimal deterioration to the individual’s self-worth and personal independence.

Driving Under the Influence of Dementia:  This 1-hour Continuing Education presentation focuses on the role dementia, memory and executive functioning play on older driver safety.  The presentation is supported by current-day, real-life examples as well as academic studies that confirm the correlation between cognitive decline and older driver safety.


The "Beyond Driving with Dignity" Professional Certification Program:

The Beyond Driving with Dignity (BDD) training and certification program has been designed to arm certain professionals with tools necessary to help older drivers and their families work through the complicated issue of age-related diminishing driving skills.

Our training and certification program supplements your current professional skills and life experiences with a very pro-active, targeted program that will help older drivers and their loved ones work through what can be a very complex, sensitive and emotional transition.

The Beyond Driving with Dignity program is not built around the premeditated goal of “taking the keys away” from an older driver. Rather, the program is designed to help the older driver and concerned family members make appropriate decisions on the future of the individual’s safe driving career. It is true that in certain circumstances, this may involve assisting the older driver in making a smooth and permanent transition from the driver’s seat to the passenger seat.

We currently have Certified "Beyond Driving with Dignity" Professionals in the United States and Canada, but the need still exists for many, many more!

Our Certified "Beyond Driving with Dignity" Professionals believe in doing the right thing,
not just doing the thing right.


A retirement from driving may involve some inconveniences, but it should never mean a
loss of independence or personal dignity.


At Keeping Us Safe, our success is not measured
in dollars earned, but rather it is measured in families served.


We provide timely relief to families in need as they face the challenging issue of a loved one's diminishing driving skills as a result of the
natural aging process.


Our Certified "Beyond Driving with Dignity" Professionals are individual family members
from across America and Canada, helping individual family members...
from across America and Canada.


Our self-assessment program for older drivers provides families with the missing link between their desire to bring this issue to a peaceful resolution, and their ability to actually do so.


As a result of the dedication, passion and hard work of our Certified "Beyond Driving with Dignity" Professionals and our support staff, Keeping Us Safe has been recognized by the NY Times, the Kiplinger Retirement Report, the Canadian Medical Association Journal, The Huffington Post, NPR, the National Institute on Aging’s Alzheimer’s Disease Education and Referral Center, and most importantly...we are very grateful for the recognition we continue to receive from our valued customers! Keeping Us Safe saving lives...one family at a time!